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During this free webinar, you will learn:

  • The biggest reasons many people get bad advice and why the industry is to blame.
  • Learn the sales tactics coming your way that are being used to exploit retirees.
  • Learn about the HIDDEN fees that can potentially change your retirement income by thousands of dollars.
  • Learn why diversification isn’t necessarily a good thing if you’re making this simple mistake.
  • Learn about common annuity traps that many people need to avoid.
  • Learn how the wealthy keep more of what they earn using these simple tax efficient strategies.  
  • Learn why waiting to take social security may give a higher income, but also put someone at risk for higher taxes.
  • And finally, learn how to determine what insurances you really need and which can be avoided.  

Alex Parrs


Robin Dolezal 

Certified Financial Planner® 

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