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The Ironwood Difference:

A free retirement process designed to help give you the confidence and clarity to retire when you want, how you want, and with the income and lifestyle you truly desire.

Retiring isn’t an easy decision.

Every single day we meet with people who want to retire but get overwhelmed by the process.

Many times they just don’t know if they can actually retire or not.

That’s why we’ve created a process to help you gain one of the most important first steps for a successful retirement.


Before you retire it’s important that you go through a process focused on giving you clarity on your situation and your ability to retire. A process that helps you take the vision you have for your retirement and turns that into an actionable plan you can execute.

That’s why we created The Ironwood Difference. It’s a step by step process we’ve developed to help our clients face retirement with confidence.

If you’ve been looking for a trusted guide & resource we’re here to answer the call.

What You'll Get By Going Through This Process

Our Planning Process:

Ironwood Financial Planning

The Discovery Call

This is where we learn about your situation, what your vision for retirement is, what challenges you’re facing, opportunities you want to capture and what it’s going to look like as we go through this process.

Education — Investment History and Theory

We educate you on modern investment theory and it’s performance over time and help you get clarity on many different investment styles so you can find the path right for your situation.

Education — The Truth About Fees, Securities and Income Strategies

We educate you on the different investment types, how fees work in different investment vehicles, and show you the different ways you can take money out of your portfolio.

Modeling — Your Plan

We start mapping out your unique situation and show you step by step how life events can alter and change your retirement plan, what your retirement may look like, and start showing you options that you need to consider to achieve your goals.

Final Plan Delivery

In our last and final step we deliver our complete analysis to you and give you our recommendations for your implementation.

Why do we do this for free?

One of our most important values is integrity. And integrity demands that we point you in the right direction no matter if it’s working with us or not.

That’s why we believe this process is so important.

By going through the initial phases, we believe that you’ll gain a level of clarity that is often missing in many retirees financial lives and you’ll leave educated on what’s really working and what to look out for.

That’s why we don’t believe in charging a fee for this process and instead want to prove our worth with your experience and the value we can bring to the table.

We believe that after you see us in action, you may want our help in implementing the strategies we help you map out.

That’s why we do this. It’s our way of showing value first and earning the right to be your advisor.

This is the catch...

We can’t help everyone.

There are some qualifications you’ll need to meet— the biggest being that you have a portfolio size and net worth for this planning session to make sense.  Meaning you have a liquid net worth over $250,000 and you are nearing retirement or already retired.

That’s our specialty and we aren’t equipped to help everyone.  If you meet those qualifications and the whole process sounds fair, then get on a first call with us and we’ll see if we can help.

Here’s How It Works:

To get started, all you have to is use the form below to schedule your first call.

Then we’ll send you to a survey page to tell us more about your situation.

From there we’ll get on a call with you and talk about your vision, hopes, and dreams and really dive deep into what you’re trying to accomplish and see if this process makes sense for your situation.

So get started now and we look forward to meeting you soon!

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