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Just the other day it happened again.

I was forced to have “the conversation”.

“I’m sorry Bill, I know what he’s telling you…

…but just listen to me for a minute…

…that’s not how that annuity actually works.

Yes, that annuity has a bonus and it’s “guaranteed” but that doesn’t mean you’re actually earning a good return.

In fact, over the long haul you’d be lucky to make 1% per year. 

Let me show you why that annuity is too good to be true.”

Unfortunately, this is a conversation I have ALL the time with people who talk to me about their annuities.

And it’s frustrating…

Because every single day I know that another person buys an annuity only to find themselves in the all too common situation:

  • Insurance companies changing cap rates & killing performance…
  • Income riders adding zero value and basically just giving them back their money at returns under 1%…
  • and more.

Don’t believe me?

In my time as a Fiduciary, Fee Based Financial Advisor I’ve seen it all.

  • I’ve met a retiree who was sold over 20 different annuities in a churn scheme (as far as I can tell purely for the agent’s commission).
  • I’ve seen annuities with close to 4% in fees eat away at the principal until all that was left was the “guaranteed” payment that never increased (essentially liquidating that person’s legacy).
  • I’ve seen company after company change cap rates in 8, 12, or 20 year products killing performance in a product you can’t get out of…
  • And I’ve had to show people (countless times) how it’s all hidden deep within the contract and that their Annuity Salesman probably didn’t truly understand what they were selling.

And I’ve had enough.

That’s why I created this free video called:

“The Truth About Annuities”

✅  I’ll walk you through an annuities REAL returns and performance over time so you can see for yourself how their “guarantees” have enormous costs and hidden risks.

✅  And we’ll break down the hidden issues in the contract the salesman never seem to talk about so you can finally see an annuity for what it truly is.

So, if you’re wondering if you should buy an annuity and you’ve heard that they:

  • Ensure income for life…
  • Promise your income will increase over time…
  • And that they won’t deplete your nest egg…

But you worry that it all sounds too good to be true?

Then it’s time to learn the truth.

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Before You Buy an Annuity:

Get the Facts.

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