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Will Interest Rates Stay Low Forever?

Are you losing money on your savings accounts and CD’s because of low rates and inflation? Then this video is for you.

Do you know how low interest rates affect you?

If you’re like most retirees or future retirees at some point you’re most likely going to have to drive income with your savings.

And in today’s low interest environment that can be tricky. When rates are low it not only becomes hard to drive a livable income from your investments, but in many cases, you can actually lose money in terms of purchasing power.

Losing purchasing power isn’t something many retirees living on a fixed income can handle and facing that burden can seem overwhelming. But we’re on a mission to change that and give you the tools to feel confident again.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

Where interest rates are headed?

Will they stay low for the foreseeable future?

Can anything be done?

What are the risks?

Then this video is for you.

We’ll break down the current interest rate environment, what’s causing the situation and cover the pros and cons, so you can be more informed on your situation.

Let’s dive in:

Let’s recap:

  • Quantitative easing is all about driving up demand to keep interest rates low.
  • It’s being phased out over time, but we won’t know the long term affects until it runs its course.
  • You need to understand this environment because you don’t want to lose your purchasing power because of inflation.
  • It may be a good time to have a mortgage as rates are lower than they’ve been in a long time.
  • If you need income you have to start thinking outside the box as many “traditional” strategies aren’t working like they have in the past.
  • 2 dangerous products in low interest environments: fixed annuities and long-term bonds.
  • Make sure you review your long-term strategy to see what would happen if interest rates start to increase.

Low interest rates are making retirement a very difficult and tricky adventure for millions of retirees. When you can’t just live off of the interest you might be left wondering what strategies can help?

That’s why we created our free ebook.

It covers ways to drive income without relying on interest rates, annuities, or other high-cost and high-risk strategies all too common in today’s environment.

Like always, if you’re facing retirement and need a second opinion learn about what makes us different, we’ll audit your entire strategy to make sure you have the right tools to make your retirement as low risk as possible and still drive in a good income.

And if you want a further dive into some of the biggest risks with retirement planning then check out our webinar or download our ebook on taking income in retirement.