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Take Advantage of Today’s Tax Rates with the Mini-Roth Conversion

In today’s blog post and video, we break down the correct way to take advantage of Roth conversions using today’s tax rates.

In our last video on Roth’s we talked about how doing large Roth conversions can be a disaster as it can severely increase your taxes.

Today we wanted to talk about when it actually makes sense.

The reason is simple, with today’s tax rates being the lowest we’ve seen in a while it may be advantageous for you to use the Roth conversion up to your current tax bracket.

If there is one nice thing to have it’s multiple buckets of money to pull from with different tax implications.

Ready to break it down? Watch the video to learn more.

Let’s recap:

Roth conversions can make sense to “make the gap” between your current income and the next level up when tax rates increase. For example, if you’re income was at $70,000 it might make sense to convert $30,000 in order not to bump up your tax rate.

You most likely can’t touch the money for 5 years but it can be beneficial down the road to have a tax free bucket of money to spend or pass along to your heirs.

Today’s tax rates could be going away soon. Don’t wait until it’s too late to take advantage of these conversions and make sure they’re done right.

  1. Planning for taxes is one of the most overlooked areas of financial planning and we want you to take advantage of it whenever possible.
  2. Roth conversion could be that advantage in today’s tax environment.
  3. If you need planning your retirement income and need to learn an often underutilized strategy, then head on over to our eBook and download it today.

You can go pick up a free copy by using the link below:


Like always, if you’re facing retirement and need a second opinion learn about what makes us different, we’ll audit your entire strategy to make sure you have the right tools to make your retirement as low risk as possible and still drive in a good income.

And if you want a further dive into some of the biggest risks with retirement planning then check out our webinar or download our ebook on taking income in retirement.

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