Ironwood Recap – Week of November 11th, 2019

Ironwood Market Recap

This was another positive week in the markets with the S+P gaining just under one percent and the Dow Jones gaining just over one percent. The ten year treasury bond gained price and the yield lowered to 1.83%. Hope for a China trade deal raised investors’ optimism.

Economically, the news wasn’t too shocking, but there was slightly higher than expected October inflation in both the consumer and the producer price index. This could be a problem if it continues, handcuffing the Fed’s ability to lower rates. Retail sales were a bit stronger than expected, and they are a strong driver of the economy.

Next week we get several indicators of the health of the housing market and will see if there is any further action on the China trade deal. Additionally, we will hear from the Fed on Wednesday and see if they have any growing concerns.

~ Alex

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