Should you consider a mini-roth conversion?

As we get to the end of the year, and you have a better idea of your taxable income for 2019, remember to consider a mini-Roth conversion. What I mean by this is to look at making sure you are taking advantage of the whole 12% bracket. This is much more likely to be useful […]

Take Advantage of Today’s Tax Rates with the Mini-Roth Conversion

In today’s blog post and video, we break down the correct way to take advantage of Roth conversions using today’s tax rates. In our last video on Roth’s we talked about how doing large Roth conversions can be a disaster as it can severely increase your taxes. Today we wanted to talk about when it […]

Should you do a Roth Conversion?

Ever wondered if a Roth conversion could help you get a “tax-free” retirement? When the Roth conversion came out it was all the rage. Advisors and investors clamored to take advantage of the tax loophole and jumped on the bandwagon thinking they “gamed” the system. Then they got their tax bills… If you’re like most […]